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Seven Things A Pre Purchase Building Survey Can Tell You

A pre purchase survey, sometimes known as a structural survey is a must, before committing to the purchase of a secondhand home.

  1. The interpretation of cracks, any damage or defects to external or internal walls  together with the design,  workmanship and condition of the roof structure will give an indication to the soundness of the building.

  1. The  presence of damp and mould will indicate problems within the structure relating to insulation, weather penetration and rising damp.  Dampness will damage finishes and mould can be detrimental to health.

  1. The condition of roof finishes, chimney flashings and valleys is important to maintain the roof timbers in a dry and sound condition, preventing wood rot and aiding against beetle infestation.

  1. Identification of the type and quality of the heating and plumbing system, will give an indication of future repairs expected as well as how energy efficient it will be. Also any problems with drainage that will require attention.

  1. The age and serviceability and quality of the electrical system, whether re wiring will be required.

  1. The condition of the external joinery, including windows, doors, soffits and fascia, what repairs will be required, the likely efficiency or problems that may arise.

  1. Details of any issues with extensions or alterations requiring planning permission or issues with building regulations.

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